Warrior Mama and Baby Class.


10 weeks class only for new mums designed to help regain core strength, which significantly helps firm and flatten the belly as well as reduce lower back pain. We will also be focusing on your shape, fitness and posture. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity for new mums to exercise and socialise with their babies!

You will be working with an instructor individually, following a programme tailor-made to your own unique physical level and needs, ensuring you are getting the optimal training.

The class consists of low-impact total body and core conditioning exercises using body weight, resistance bands, sliders and balls. It also includes mat pilates exercise techniques to strengthen your core stability and improve your posture. Exercise is done with a soundtrack of fun music – your little one will bounce along in a buggy to the tune! Babies can stay in buggies or on our playmat.

Please note: Postnatal mums must check with a GP to make sure that they are safe to begin low impact exercise. A waiting time of 6 weeks after natural birth and 8-10 weeks after caesarean is typically recommended.

Class schedule:

Every Wednesday from 10:00am to 11:00am.

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Location: Classes are held in our Group Classes Studio.

What’s included:

  • Individually tailor-made fitness programme uniquely designed for mums. Whether you’ve just had a baby or your baby is now 10 years old, I will create a programme based on your need and lifestyle to get your body back.
  • Food diary analysis and recommended nutrition.
  • No need for childcare – bring your little one to bounce along with you.
  • Fun way to meet like-minded mummies.
  • Online/Mobile training app with video tutorials so you can do your exercise homework anytime anywhere.
  • Support from personal trainer.
  • We will track your progress every 4 weeks.

How to join:

Step 1: Contact us to book your FREE taster class.
Step 2: Take your free taster class.
Step 3: Become a member.
Step 4: Receive a free consultation session to tailor a bespoke workout programme to suit your level and goals.
Step 5: Receive a personalised nutrition plan and fitness programme, including exercise homework.
Step 6: Book your classes and attend as recommended.

Promotion: Bring a mama friend to join us and get one full hour of 1-1 personal training session for free.